Monday, May 19, 2014

G-B22J Liberated from the Evil Care Factor Oppressors

Yesterday afternoon a strike force of NULL and PL Supercarriers successfully assaulted the G-B station for the final timer.

In a rather fitting stroke of good fortune, Ryuu Hashu (My Aeon) got the final blow.  With the station also under our control despite a last ditched effort by Provi-Bloc to last hit the station, G-B is officially liberated.  All are welcome to dock at the newly named "TASHA DIABOLIQUE's Wafflehouse" in honor of our good friend Tasha Diabolique, the executor of Silent Infinity.  (Seriously its a freeport).  This concludes our G-B22J troll Care Factor campaign. . .

X-R3 anyone???

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