Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Burn Factor #4: Chastot Riraille Tries to Sell G-B22J

  Channel ID:      -21721881
  Channel Name:    P-Trade
  Listener:        Chastot Riraille
  Session started: 2014.04.30 19:11:01

[ 2014.04.30 19:11:01 ] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Chanell for Trade amongst Provi Blue's.No scamming allowed - be fair.If you are KOS in Providence, you are likely to get kicked from the channel. It would be nice if you would just leave it. If anyone needs access sorted/removed, please contact DG Ale, Misha Moon, Max Sneak, or Master46664 - if no reply, mail one of the above.Please keep longer chatty conversations to one of the casual chat channels. Thanks.
[ 2014.04.30 19:11:12 ] Chastot Riraille > WTS  G-B22J solarsystem
[ 2014.04.30 19:11:18 ] Chastot Riraille >
[ 2014.04.30 19:14:15 ] Hyou Yuki > Chastot Riraille  G-B22J price?
[ 2014.04.30 19:14:57 ] Chastot Riraille > mm lets c
[ 2014.04.30 19:15:02 ] Chastot Riraille > make me an offer
[ 2014.04.30 19:15:10 ] Hyou Yuki > 6b
[ 2014.04.30 19:15:11 ] Ladel Teravada > 1m
[ 2014.04.30 19:15:33 ] Ladel Teravada > After all its ratinfested, red and full of carebears
[ 2014.04.30 19:15:43 ] Chastot Riraille > wel i know its an soon to be ex CF system but its brob whorth a bit more
[ 2014.04.30 19:16:12 ] Chastot Riraille > Hyou Yuki you can have it fro 1 bil
[ 2014.04.30 19:16:22 ] Chastot Riraille > [19:15:33] Ladel Teravada > After all its ratinfested, red and full of carebears
[ 2014.04.30 19:16:24 ] Chastot Riraille > +1
[ 2014.04.30 19:17:48 ] Hyou Yuki > ah, i remembered. CF betrayal...
[ 2014.04.30 19:20:22 ] Hyou Yuki > wait, not CF
[ 2014.04.30 19:21:19 ] GROUND XERO > WTB Provi... 10 bil ( and all have to call me MASTER)
[ 2014.04.30 19:21:39 ] Chastot Riraille > it's all  utchytotty s fault
[ 2014.04.30 19:22:14 ] Chastot Riraille > she should have disbanded CF
[ 2014.04.30 19:23:28 ] Hyou Yuki > frankly speaking, i'd buy g-b22j for 1b, just for fun, but i suppose CVA will not like that
[ 2014.04.30 19:23:55 ] Hyou Yuki > just because i have no powers to defend it
[ 2014.04.30 19:23:58 ] Chastot Riraille > why not
[ 2014.04.30 19:23:59 ] Jevan Itonula > ship hangar sale, cheap prices:  [Multiple Items]  [Multiple Items]  [Multiple Items]  [Multiple Items]  [Multiple Items]
[ 2014.04.30 19:24:43 ] Chastot Riraille > Jevan Itonula provi has not even come close to falling and you are already selling all ur ships
[ 2014.04.30 19:24:55 ] Chastot Riraille > you wil need them in the fight against nulli
[ 2014.04.30 19:26:07 ] Hyou Yuki > Chastot Riraille  suppose that some red alliance noticed that my carebear alliance owns that system. They set SBUs, jump in on 20 dreads, reinforce/kill TCUs/iHub, while i... can just observe it from my tengu, because there are 1.5 PVPers in our alli :)
[ 2014.04.30 19:26:41 ] Hyou Yuki > i doubt CVA will like some provi system owned by somebody who cannot protect it
[ 2014.04.30 19:26:53 ] Chastot Riraille > wel CF cant
[ 2014.04.30 19:27:00 ] Hyou Yuki > otherwise, i'd buy it :) just because it is interesting - to own system, upgrade it etc
[ 2014.04.30 19:28:31 ] GROUND XERO > so i will give you 1.1 bil
[ 2014.04.30 19:28:31 ] Chastot Riraille > CF cant even defende 1 system and they have 3
[ 2014.04.30 19:28:59 ] Atlas Picard > Jevan Itonula too expensive  [Multiple Items] (Item Exchange) (tengu)
[ 2014.04.30 19:29:39 ] Jevan Itonula > might be, i did'nt check
[ 2014.04.30 19:29:44 ] Jevan Itonula > wanna make an offer
[ 2014.04.30 19:31:01 ] Jack Macca > Atlas Picard my young padawan the force is strong in you
[ 2014.04.30 19:31:15 ] Jevan Itonula > changed for 410mil
[ 2014.04.30 19:31:26 ] Chastot Riraille > G-B22J solarsystem stil up fro graps
[ 2014.04.30 19:32:38 ] Jack Macca > wts  Apocalypse (Item Exchange)  Oracle (Item Exchange)  Talos (Item Exchange)  Myrmidon (Item Exchange)
[ 2014.04.30 19:32:51 ] Jevan Itonula > Chastot Riraille don't worry, i am only selling overstock ships that I don't use, I have plenty fitted for the war
[ 2014.04.30 19:33:06 ] Chastot Riraille > you better

Burn Factor #3

Evidently Chastot Riraille's one man campaign of Justice is starting to frey some nerves.

Re: Chastot is back
From: Andraea Sarstae
Sent: 2014.04.25 23:05
To: C.F Council,

For those of us on the US west coast, there generally aren't any organised fleets running in the late evening hours in Provi. So, but the time I get home from work and get some food (9PM PDT), there isn't much organized action going on.

The few of us who are active then tend to form out own small reactionary fleets when reds show up, but generally it's pretty quiet. Our camper friends also don't seem to bother people during those hours, so I doubt they're at the keyboard able to be baited.

I check the CVA forums for fleet anouncements, but have yet to run into one that I can actually join due to time constraints.

That said, I do see a some people mining and ratting all the time, and don't seem to have any interest in PvP. I don't know how to solve that particular problem, as it's hard to make people interested in playing a game in a way they don't find interesting or rewarding.

I think our biggest problem is that we've done/said things in the past that have caught the attention of this group of players. They love causing drama, and based on their blog posts, seem to have the goal of destroying our alliance.

It doesn't seem like we have a lot of sympathy from the PvP segment of our blue allies here in Provi, as they make snide remarks in local and on the CVA forums about carebears, etc, etc. I'm not usually one for conspiracy theories, but I sure do get the feeling that the leadership of some of our allies would prefer to see us gone from Provi, as they consider us to be non-contributing and worthless to Provibloc.

Despite what I've heard some people say, we really don't have the capability to tell the rest of Providence to fuck off, nor would we last very long as an independent alliance even if we could. Even if we all had supers and titans available, we just don't have the numbers to compete on the big stage.

So, where does that leave us? I think the only realistic answer is diplomacy with this group that has a hard-on for our total destruction. Find out what is motivating them, and then figure out a way to get them uninterested in camping us 23/7.

When they're dropping our Orcas with supers and logging off cap ships in our systems, a military response is more likely to leave us even more frustrated than we already are, because we're almost assuredly going to come out on the short end.

I know some people will think I'm being negative, but I think I'm just being realistic.
All Your Systems Belongs To Us (Seriously your Living in My Homeland, IG for Life)
But Evidently that is not all . . .

A Few Days Latter . . .

We've got a problem...
From: Andraea Sarstae
Sent: 2014.04.30 08:46

... but I'm not sure what to do about it. As I write this, I'm pretty bummed out and discouraged.

Basically, morale is getting low, people are on comms and alliance chat talking about how CCP changes/enforces the rules to benefit our enemies and penalize us, how CVA doesn't care about us, doesn't do anything to defend us, is collaborating with Nulli to have them take our space so CVA cna take it back and not give it to us, etc.

Now alliance members are apparently about to start shooting neutrals on sight, which of course will definitely get the rest of Provibloc's attention.... but not in the way we want.

I like it here. I'd like to stay here. But bitter-vet syndrome is turning this into a highly toxic environment, and I'm afraid it's in danger of imploding in on all of us.

And, quite frankly, who wants to log on to a play a video game and encounter a solid wall of negativity about everything? There's enough of that IRL, this is supposed to be fun and relaxing...

So... can we do anything about this? Do enough of us actually want to?

But All is Not Lost!!!!!!

Re: We've got a problem...
From: cheebafett
Sent: 2014.04.30 10:06
To: C.F Council, Andraea Sarstae,

I have never heard anyone talk about shooting neutrals. I would like to know who said these things. As fas as morale, people have to realize that being camped is part of life in 0.0. We have been camped before and will be camped again. Until CCP realizes that 23/7 camping is an exploit and evens up the playing field, It is part of the game we have to deal with.

There are ways to make money in all the systems here not even our own. I live in GB and have been affected by the camping but I know THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT. THis is a war of diligence and resolve. We have to hold the line and not show that their exploits are NOT affecting us.

As far as CVA not defending us and collaboration with Nhiliists Social Club. This is not proven and should not be said or discussed. If CVA wanted us out they could just remove us with a whim. They dont need back room tactics or some mercenary group to do it. They actually have to deal with nihilist blowing up CVA towers all the time.

What can be done about it? The only thing I know is to join CVA fleets, which we do. and someone to run operations on their coms and publicly announce PVP fleets or mining ops.

I would like to know who in the Alliance is propogating distrust and making threats. If anyone wants to email me situations and names it will only be between the two of us.

 No, your not shooting neutrals, your dropping offensive Mobile Depots in and aggressing Allied Pilots . . . I think that is even worse?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Burn Factor #2

So saw this Gif linked in the channel that shall not be named but you know who you are!

Chastot Riraille right before she lights the cyno to drop people on Care Factor!

Playing with Nulli . . . 4/28/2014

Nulli Secunda recently deployed to Kheram to play with Provi Bloc for awhile.  This also puts them in rather close proximity to us.  We have a fairly tight friendship with Ordo Drakonis corp who are in Nulli and Nulli are Blue to PL (as are we) but we're neutral to each other so apart from Ordo, Nulli are fair game.  Anyway last night Dok was minding his own business running a 5/10 in Sibot when a wild Dairokuten Maoh in a Raven Navy Issue came into his plex.  Of course we mobilized in Gnosis.

First attempt failed as Dairo jammed Jimmy's tackle just as we were landing and our chase to Kheram failed to tackle him. Oh well back to station spinning.  A little bit latter hes back.  Now this feels completely like a bait attempt so I log Ren'va in and move her in a Falcon to Kheram.  Kheram seems quiet except for some internal alliance trolling at KoKo.  After floating around Kheram a bit Dairo comes back and so I give it a few minutes and start to bring Ren home, there is an anomally I want to run.  As I'm jumping to Bittanshal he returns again.  This time Ren runs straight to Kheram and we once again set up to try to catch him in Sibot.  This time he gets away but we warp straight to Kheram gate and Neliel sets up with a long point in Kheram so hes not getting away this time.  We stand off at the gate for a bit before JSSix forces him through and the rest of us jump.  Some how nothings responded yet so we go for it.  He is actively repping but we're pulling him down, as he hits armor for the first time we start to see stuff on scan coming in.  Geddons, ishtars . . . sacrileges . . .  We're aligning out and overloading as Pwn 'N Play start to land.  Jssix and Cradle get pointed as the RNI die, Jssix manages to mwd cycle out of tackle and warps off but sadly we lose Cradle to a point from the Geddon.  Satisfied with the trade we decide to scede the 5/10 as they move everyone they have over to the 5/10 to finish it.  Turns out a Nightmare BPC and a Centum B-type eanm drop . . . welp . . .

And KoKo . . . Good Luck Baiting out NULL Capitals . . .

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Week Fun . . . 4/23/2013

Well today has been a fun day.  While visiting my parents for 'Easter' during the week (worked Easter so had to go latter in the week) was on comms playing Civilization 3 when a report of a Nomad in Arton came through.  Dropped Civ 3 and logged in, sat around waiting for the Nomad to undock.  Undock it did . . .  Killmail

But the Jewel came about an hour latter . . .

*Classified* reported seeing a CF Orca on his alt undocking from a outpost in Provi.  Well hell yes!  Call was not to bring carriers but supers.  My super isn't logged in as I'm at my parents so . . . balls to the wall REDEEMER!!  We jump in knowing there is small escort but the supers are safe for all intensive purposes, short of someone having a hic or a dictor escorting the orca they're pretty safe . . . Redeemer not so much.  On Jump in I'm the only not supercap on the field as our cyno bomber is basically dead almost immediately.  After a few whoring shots at the Orca I turn towards the support.  At this point if they had been smart they would have all locked me down and primaried me.  As it was, I was never been shot at by more than two small ships at any given time.  While tackled for awhile I never was real concerned as lets face it I'm surrounding by supers who are locking support in six seconds.  In the end most of the support died and I found an opportunity to warp out and cap up before jumping home.

So with supers jumping and an orca being attacked you would think Citadel would be getting pinged and people would be streaming to x-r3 . . .

[22:16:58] Christina Atlantis > supers xr gb gate
[22:17:41] Bernard Koraka > red carrier drop X-R3
[22:18:55] Bernard Koraka > Nyx and aeon drop : carrier hunting
[22:22:37] Calette Zardina > link the carriers plx (names / ships)
[22:22:52] Ursus Polarus > carrier? where?
[22:22:59] Amiga Moja > gone
[22:23:04] specv > i think they are gone now

Yeah . . . there were no carriers in that drop . . .

Sooo . . . where does that leave us?

[22:31:21] Equinox Daedalus > did you really hotdrop an orca
[22:31:36] Equinox Daedalus > tib isn't going to be pleased :P
[22:31:45] Equinox Daedalus > he already thinks rovern is out to get him

Burn Factor . .  Burn . . .

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Titan Kill 19 months in the making . . . 4/22/2014

This titan kill was 19 months in the making, the owner had been unsubbed but the night before PL fishers noticed the owners alts activating and moving around.  Knowing where the titan had been logged off for the last 19 months PL set up a trap for when it would eventually log in . . .

Local Logs
[01:11:28] FomkA > i have not be loggin for 3 years
[01:11:29] FomkA > how the ufck
[01:11:31] FomkA > lol
[01:11:35] waris good > lol
[01:11:39] waris good > we been watching you for that long
[01:11:40] FomkA > i m serious
[01:11:47] BlueMajere > :)
[01:11:50] Jassmin Joy > it's been a long three years
[01:11:54] waris good > yea
[01:11:55] Fainaru Wada > welcome back m8
[01:11:59] waris good > slumber parta
[01:12:07] FomkA > gg
[01:12:12] BlueMajere > we stalked u
[01:12:14] BlueMajere > 3 yrs
[01:12:18] BlueMajere > thank u for logging in
[01:12:27] FomkA > cant believe tbh
[01:12:41] BlueMajere > its fact
[01:12:52] FomkA > there are so many titans around and u waited me for 3 years?
[01:14:26] Seriya > o7
[01:15:00] FomkA > cant be planned :) just unlucky login
[01:15:03] FomkA > well anyway gj
[01:15:19] BlueMajere > sry  <url=showinfo:1380//487016194>FomkA</url>
[01:15:22] BlueMajere > gg :)
[01:15:36] Cumadrin Kassin > nice to finally say hi
[01:15:45] Cumadrin Kassin > i've been waiting 19 months
[01:16:03] Cumadrin Kassin > i was the one who saw you jump in here in 2012
[01:16:14] FomkA > could not happen i had my cyno ready :P
[01:16:19] FomkA > was not bothering loggin in it
[01:16:24] FomkA > had time to jump
[01:16:44] Cumadrin Kassin > we had a cyno there too but gf
[01:17:00] FomkA > yeah but what could happen if i um
[01:17:03] FomkA > jump out
[01:18:09] Cumadrin Kassin > eh. whatever you wanna tell yourself

Sunday, April 20, 2014

BL Titan Death . . . 4/21/2014

In the wee hours of the morning after Easter a combined fleet of Pandemic Legion, Purple Helmeted Warriors, and Nihilist Social Club caught a BL. titan owned by ZeroScream logging in.

Killboard Link

Thursday, April 17, 2014

EVE Video: B-R More Like B-Right Back

So you may be wondering why I'm post a PL video . . . well at around 2:46 the video moves to Doril where back at the end of January, Arton crew along with Purple Helmeted Warriors and members of Sniggerdly ALMOST killed a Razor Erebus.  I say almost because a certain *cough* Arton Crew *cough* member *cough* killed his guns from overheat damage.  The loss of his DPS slowed the damage onto the titan enough that it was able to be rescued by Razor.

Also the music is pretty awesome . . . SAIL . . .

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Very Hashu Update ...

It's been a weird couple of months.  At the beginning of March I was offered the chance to switch shifts at work to 1st crew (6am to 2pm) AND got trained in to work in the freezer.  (Note: I work at the Supervalu distribution center in Hopkins, MN where we send food to supermarkets across the upper Midwest).  Its been rough learning the freezer although not because of the cold which I had feared (seriously freezer gear is amazing) but because cases in the freezer SUCK.  Anyway beyond getting use to waking up at 4:30 am its been nice as it allowed for decent timezones to play Eve-Online.  Last week that changed as we were informed our shift (VR 5) was being closed down and we were getting moved to other shifts.  Was a bit frustrating as was beginning to like mornings but back in 2nd Crew (VR 3 ftw) so now working 2pm to 10pm four to five days a week.  Pushes my active times to around 3:30 Eve time and latter.

Outside of work barely made Anime Detour 2014,"The Manga was Better."  Thought it was this coming weekend so ended up working when I technically had time off.  Was able to go Saturday after I noticed a friend (pictured above) talking about it on Facebook.  Arrived Saturday evening, just in time for the SHAFT panel and than about 3 and a half hours of Mahjong.  Will have to wait for next year to play again as it is so far the only place I've been able to find other people who play Riichi Mahjong.  Finished the recent season of Saki and looking at my MAL lists I need to catch up/ finish a bunch of stuff.  But of course new airing season is starting these next two weeks so will probably be pretty distracted a lot as going to Detour puts me back into the "Marathon Anime" mood.  Although I've been watching a lot of other stuff recently including rewatching Battlestar Galactica (mid 4th season) and watching House M.D. (Mid Season 5).

As far as gaming outside of Eve goes, picked up Diablo 3 to play with folks as it was half off in anticipation of the new expansion that came out recently.  Also got really distracted by a new Europa Universalis 4 campaign as Spain.  Right now just around 1700.  Portugal diplomatically inherited France, thankfully been allied and married to Portugal the entire game.  Pulled the Iberian Wedding event so was able to inherit Aragon while being Castille and form Spain.  Must say not really liking the new colonial government mechanics as I got use to running huge empires and it feels like I'm gimped militarily.  Having issues with the Ottomans who are constantly pumping out way more soldiers and even on easy feels like PC is cheating like crazy with combat dice rolls and manpower stuff.  Guess some things never change.

Did taxes the other day and hoping to build a new desktop with my tax returns  . . . both my computers are getting on in age (laptop is 3 yrs and desktop is 5 yrs) and I've already fallen behind in my 4 year PC rotation (Got a nexus 7 instead of a new desktop last year).  Hoping to be able to do my own videos when I get the new PC.  Looking forward to that.

And thats about it for the last month.  Peace Y

New Killboard Banner

So was in a game of Europa Universalis 4 the other day (Go Spain!) when JSsixie poked me on steam and linked me our new Killboard Banner.  For those who don't know me much I'm a bit of an Otaku . . . (Okay more than a bit . . . See:My MAL LIST and PROFILE)  Anyway was supper exicted that we used Revy from Black Lagoon who happens to be one of my favorite female leads of all times.

"We're already the walking dead.  If there's anything that makes us different from the real dead, there's only one.  Living and dying isn't the real issue.  If you cling to being alive you become frightened and your eyes get clouded.  If you don't have that desire to begin with, you can fight on, right to the end of the world."

Kind of fitting for pod pilots . . .

Arton Crew Roundup ... End of March:Beginning of April

Not much been happening lately . . . we're at a stalemate with provi bloc structures.  Their orders are not to touch our structures so we've not really had an excuse to poke theirs back.  Ironically the reasoning behind Arton Crew (and Blue's group) hitting Proviblock moons in the first place was to provoke fights.  So we've been just hanging, ganking, and playing other stuff.  Only thing of note recently was a few capital ganks.

On Thursday, April 3rd we managed to bump a Rorqual off undock in Arton.  A Thanatos was with the Rorqual, aggressing on the station trying to protect the Rorqual.  Through some mega fail we managed to forget to actually tackle the Rorqual that cynoed out in armor.  We of course than bumped the aggroed Thanatos out of dock range.  Considering how loaded the thanatos was (Seriously loaded) makes us wonder what the Rorqual had.

On Saturday, April 5th we caught a AAA Citizens Nomad out of dock range.  Tried to ransom it, (3 Bil) but pilot claimed he didn't have that but instead he jettisoned his cargo, which sadly only covered half the ransom and so was killed.

=Classified= (Seriously not me) has continued to troll carefactor with alts in their space.  At last check they are now convinced I am the owner for some reason.  Probably getting trolled by =Classified= in local.  So it was funny when they suicide tackled me in low-sec just to kill my Retribution a few days ago (Krelio was a Malediction).  That Retribution is ancient, probably dating back to 07 or 08 when we used them a few times to 'fighterbomb' a pos mod (Note: Involved remote assigning fighters to assault frigates who could 'tank the pos guns" by sig tanking.)  Seeing as that was my first loss since November (on Rovern) it was about time.  I'm glad killing my retribution in low-sec made the CF fleet's day that night.  To bad they didn't stay around as we immediately called the crew out of Diablo 3 to play with them but than couldn't find Care Factor anywhere.