Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BR Final Station Timer

Tonight a race between Bros occured in BR-N97 as NC. raced to flip the outpost before the Pandemic Legion superfleet could kill two of teh SBUs in system.  PL won . . . barely.

Prior to the structure race was the actual fight were NC. and PL basically killed off the others groups (HERO, INK, RUS, PROVIBLOC) before racing each other for the station.

For Now, ProviBloc have a few hours grace period to try to rescue the station before the HERO US timezone logs in and takes control of the system.

Provi War, the last two weeks

I honestly don't even know were to begin.  The last two weeks have been insane as some PL FCs had holidays and went crazy running third party fleets into the Northern Catch conflict between HERO and ProviBloc.  Thankfully JSSix has been frapsing quite a few fights so the easiest way I suppose is to just link videos.

Sadly I don't really have kill stats for you, although its A LOT!!  Hedliner, one of our main FCs has almost 1k kills for the month.  In most fights you will see PL shooting both sides but the preference has definitely been to shoot BRAVE first.  In multiple fights we have had ackward moments as NC. which tends to side with HERO are PL Blues and not shot.  In one fight we repped an IHUB as NC. was shooting it than repped a NC. HIC that was tackled by PROVI Gokus on the IHUB a few minutes latter.  Incidents like this have actually fueled the entertainment levels from a PL perspective and as the Provi War is the only real action in EVE atm, PL will be dropping in for awhile I think.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

2 Days of Glory (Nisuwa/Kedama, S25C, Eifer)

This weekend has been nuts.  Got services fixed and settled on Friday, spent most of the day putzing around and buying/upgrading super fits and a few logies to stage from Amamake to run on PL ops.  Friday night was Revenant event in Nisuwa and of course PL fielded a 200+ fleet.  Nisuwa was 5 hours of 10% tidi.  It was terrible,  yet really fun at the same time.  Guns were cycling MAYBE every ten or fifteen minutes for me.  We had better luck on the exit in Kedama catching people leaving than we did in Nisuwa itself.  Of course I would have performed better if I had been better fitted.

We got home and I went to bed and went to work.  Got home from work and since I was in Amamkae from the night before, jumped into fleet that was going to jump onto a provi fight between Provi Bloc and Hero.  In the end we ended up killing a bunch of HERO eagles and Moas and left in good spirits. As people don't follow my every move (:P) most Provi folk learned I had joined PL when I decided to troll them as we were leaving BR.

[ 2014.09.06 23:20:31 ] Rovern Hashu > Guys you have to go INTO the system to kill them >.>
[ 2014.09.06 23:20:46 ] Kyle Sev > fucking hell you joined PL? :p
[ 2014.09.06 23:20:56 ] corebloodbrothers > thnx for all info rovern , cu soon, plex send :)
[ 2014.09.06 23:21:00 ] Gecko Hareka > ^this
[ 2014.09.06 23:21:03 ] Trisha D'Vaney > Rovern Hashu 07
[ 2014.09.06 23:21:04 ] Dentt > o/ rovern
[ 2014.09.06 23:21:42 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : ERVK-P

Returned back to Amamake.  A couple of hours latter we journeyed to Eifer to third party a R64 fight in TFI's.  We started losing TFIs to dread blapping so wraped out than returned in and brought our own dreads.  Due to fail tackling most of the hostile dreads made it out but we killed a Revelation than killed the tower and started anchoring a PL tower.  We returned to amamake but stayed formed as hostiles were attacking the onlining tower.  We reshiped to legions/Proteus and went back in, only to have Black Legion join the fight in a tengu fleet.  We started loosing T3s quickly and decided to bail when we started losing logi as there were 200-300 guys fighting us.  On our return I had to go to bed because of work.

JSSIX Video of Eifer:

The Move . . .

So about two weeks ago JSSix approached me and asked if I was interested in moving a few characters over to GK Inc. in Pandemic Legion.  By doing so we would be able to use our supers more safely and more widely and he felt it would open up opportunities further down the road for us.  Of course I agreed and within a few days and adjusted my hangers around in anticipation of no longer being in a corp that I had free hanger run of.  Two weeks latter and services are FINALLY sorted out as of yesterday.  Looking forward to a lot more pvp activity and hopefully some good fights.

(And yes that membership bump is Arton Crew people joining and the subsequent drop is inactives being purged)