Friday, May 16, 2014

G-B22J Updates

As many of you well know over the past week we've been playing around in the Care Factor system of G-B22J.  What started as a 'lets hit their neo moon' escalated to 'lets lol sbu them' which escalated too ... 'um we just killed the ihub lol."
Really the best way to describe what has been happening is from Jssix . . . "wow that was fun."

Sadly I've missed the actual fun timers when provi-bloc wasn't camped by Nulli Secunda.  Thankfully our good Dutch friend BalderCon made us all a video with excellent music to watch.

An interesting note some CVA corporations who shall not be named noticed that other CVA corporations actually have blue standings from us in the Video and started whining to Equi.  Who of course had to come to us and ask us to remove those standings ... yeah seriously ...

SO, in order to level the playing field Nihilist Social Club is now selling corporation level standings, available only to CVA corporations.  Costs will vary between 2 to 15 billion isk depending on how much we like you.  All corporations who already have standings do not have to pay.  All interested CEOs may send me an evemail or talk to our diplo.

(Oh Yeah, Ihub is dead FYI)

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