Monday, May 12, 2014

Burn Factor #5


  1. It's too bad that your "end game" that you're so happy over revolves around risk-free PvP and harassing people into quitting a video game that they play for fun.

    It must feel good to be such a gangsta.

    Too bad IRL you're just a warehouse worker with a useless bachelor's degree and no history of having a successful relationship in your life, despite being well into your twenties.

    I guess you have to take your wins wherever you can get them, eh?

    1. ^^^^^
      Your tears make me wanna play this game more and more

    2. It pleases me to see you have read the entire blog, I thank you for your patronage! I'm surprised to see you feel an economics degree is useless but you are most certainly entitled to your opinion. Now if you had been able to vocalize your disappointment in my lack of use of my bachelor's degree in my current employment circumstances I would give you more credit Mr. Anonymous.

      My direct satisfaction in what happens to Care Factor in particular stems from false accusations against my persons by Tib. If he had not attempted to slander me with false accusations I would not really care what goes on with Care Factor and would be happily spending my days making isk in high-sec and ganking stupid capital pilots. Sadly, despite repeated denials the slander continued as such I only do what my characters would do in this situation. BURN Care Factor.

      As such I have actually done very little to accomplish said objectives, a few posts sprinkled throughout this blog and a few linked images (made by other people for your information) and as a result I see an alliance frothing at the mouth and starting to tear itself apart. I am honestly surprised at the outcome and the help and information freely handed to me by non-NULL personnel that I have received, considering how little effort I've actually put into this.

      All this said, you realize that your very reaction is what fuels all of this right?

    3. Oh yes, I understand what's going on here very well.

      No tears on this end, just an accurate observation of the truly odd behavior shown on this blog, and the obsessive behavior shown in Eve. I mean, who spends hours and hours every day trying to torment other people in a video game? What kind of person does that?

      Unfortunately for you, the answer is you.

      Instead of living life the way a well-adjusted person does, where compassion being shown to other people is just something to be taken for granted, you seek validation in a meaningless and ephemeral virtual universe. This is a place where can easily categorize people as "the other", and thus as undeserving of being treated kindly, and suffer no real reprocussions for acting on your impulses to mistreat others.

      The sandbox of Eve, where you have an almost total freedom to beheave as you wish, is in fact the only place where you've managed to claw out the ability to force your will on other people. Not only does that reflect on who you are as a human being, but it gives you the false feeling that you're somehow making up for the inadequacies of your personality that are underlying your personal failures and your deep-seated fear of never being able to have fullfilling relationships with other people.

      Instead, you derive satisfaction from the perception that you've caused another person to feel badly. The irony is in what you're incapable of understanding - the damage you cause in Eve is actually fairly inconsequential for almost everyone you annoy, because in the end this is just a video game, and almost all of the rest of us don't put nearly as much importance on Eve in our lives that you do.

      But if it makes you feel better, go ahead and believe what you will.

    4. I beg to differ on several points. First I most certainly don't spend hours trying to torment anyone. Apart from the odd blog post I really put no effort into it at all apart from undocking and jumping to other people's cynoes. The gifs and images seen on this blog that involve Care Factor are all made by other members of NULL or other alliances, some even in Provi Bloc. I spent seven years in CVA in subservient and leadership positions being very compassionate. But after a time you discover your tolerance limits and eventually it became work. My endgame is not tormenting people, its killing capitals. If that happens to coincide than so be it but that is part of eve.

      I'll be the first to say I hate anonymity that the internet and eve offers. You'll fine 80% of my alts are easily identifiable with me at first glance. I firmly believe that if you can't say something with your identity than you shouldn't be saying it at all. The same goes for ones actions. So yes it reflects on me, both my virtues and my vices. It is what makes one human, nobody is perfect and I freely admit and embrace that.

      I find it sad that despite your obvious intellect you make erroneous assumptions about my personal life and relationships based on my actions in what you have pointed out numerous times is only a video game. I have very strong reasons for myself and my characters to wish to see Care Factor destroyed which I haven't vocalized before clearly (but have alluded to) but plan to in the future.

      Also, if the damage is inconsequential (I could care less if it was or wasn't) than why are we having this discussion, it shouldn't matter . . . You make the assumption that the damage to individuals behind Care Factor mean something to me (it doesn't). Rather the damage to Care Factor, the entity is what matters. You, as a member of Care Factor (I assume), probably do not see that difference although I feel that you as an individual might understand that perceptional difference.

    5. Boo fuckin hoo, stop being pussies, get a fleet together and defend your system.....but noooooooooo you're such pansies that you resort to spewing nonsensical drivel in a blog, waaaaaaaah you're taking the enjoyment out of eve for me waaaaaaah Grow a pair you care Factor Pussies. And use your in game name you crybaby.

  2. Do you want to build a snowman Anonymous poster above?
    It doesn't have to be a snowman.....

  3. Rovern, you seem intelligent and literate.

    As an aside, I have to wonder why would you associate with this Kavok person? He can barely string enough coherent words together to form a sentence, and his reliance on using terms for female anatomy to express himself is quite archaic.

    As for Care Factor, even if you shoved them out of their systems, they're still going to play Eve exactly how they want. The PvPers will go on roams based out of another system, and the industry folks will do their mining in one of the other 5000+ systems in Eve.

    Worst case, they'll dock up in an empire station, train some skills, do some trading and daytripping in a WH to make a little ISK, while guys like Kavok helplessly rage outside about pussies.

    Plus, you know Care Factor doesn't have capitals in the numbers needed to effectively fight what you guys dropped earlier today, not even close. They're never going to undock, because any fight that ensued would be completely on-sided and at no risk to you and your friends.

    There is literally no way to "win" this ludicrous crusade. Sure, some people might quit Eve... but they'll return to more important concerns in the real world. Hardly a big loss.

    Besides, do you really believe that CVA, Volt, Severence, AFK, Apoc, etc will just roll over and let your POS stay in G-B?

    I think you know better than that.

    Enjoy your "victory" while it lasts.

    1. To be honest we try not to associate with Kavok too much, we more just tolerate him and let him come and go as he pleases. You'll find that NULL members troll themselves with much more gusto than we ever spend trolling outsiders. His current infatuation is with cancer atm. Don't you worry though, when Turran comes to visit us in Arton she puts Kavok in his place.

      As for Care Factor, that is the beauty of Eve. You can never totally be defeated unless you let yourself. As I've said before, I've really put little effort into the 'destruction' of care factor, most of it seems to be internal fractures forming with just a bit of external pressure. At least that is how it appears to me on the outside.

      As I mentioned about the beauty of eve, you can never truly defeat something unless it lets itself be defeated in the long-run. You can squash it over and over again, but if it has a will it will always return. Therefore, while the complete dissolvement of the entity known today as Care Factory would certainly be met with my approval, I don't see it as likely, even if it simply remains in some form just to spite me.

      I also believe that POS will remain as long as there is perceived value in it remaining to Mr. Blue of PL. Just as the Ziri pos remains despite repeated attempts. Sure Prov-Bloc has killed numerous PL miners, but they just as quickly lose them again when PL returns. I don't think anyone questions that as soon as PL deploy elsewhere the moons will for the most part swap back and to be honest, hitting the G-B Neo moon wasn't meant as a serious moon acquisition. You'll find that the initial intent of the NULL pos' in lower Domain was to draw fights from Provi-Bloc, any income was an extra bonus. In a way Equi's sov deal spoiled the content creation for us. Attacking that Pos was to apply more pressure to Care Factor, what happens to the moon at a latter date has little meaning to us in the long-run.

  4. Why everyone is so angry at this guy? He has made everyone in Care Factor into stronger, more flexible, more adaptable players. His killboard has went to crap lately, so we must be getting better.

  5. Hush, Boogerbear, you've done your job: the problem has vanished. You simply do not give yourself enough credit. If only all of these puppet retards of mine were as hardworking and faithful as you. <3

  6. perhaps the point of the postpost is to risk it all, its yur space and in eve isk, power and how big your gun is means nothing. EVE is currently running with the currency of respect. Respect your enemy and show you have the balls to defend or stand up for your principles goes along way... Problem is Talcorp since its inception has been full of arrogant twats, they where like it in Sukanan, and they are still like it. The took over CF is what was pretty much a hostile take over....At least CF under Utchy was respected, unlike now.

  7. Too bad IRL you're just a warehouse worker with a useless bachelor's degree and no history of having a successful relationship in your life, despite being well into your twenties.

    You start your comment with this, and expect civility and respect?

    Choke on donkey cock Anonymous... WoW is thatta way ------->