Thursday, March 27, 2014

Advertisement: Hashu Bounty Services!!

So a few weeks ago I posted this on Providence News, as a semi-troll about some Silent Infinity person who got in trouble for putting a bounty on someone in CVA over something (don't remember the specifics and didn't care).  Evidently I discovered a need and have placed over 300 Million Isk in Bounties, ironically on mostly the same people.  Evidently they aren't very popular.

Anyway the service is simple, I act as a middleman and place bounties on provibloc members for OTHER provibloc member and take a 5% commission fee. This is of course not limited to Proviblock members and I am willing to bounty anyone and everyone (including my own alliance if someone for some odd reason wished to place a bounty and stay anonymous).

All you have to do is send me isk with "Bounty: [Name of Person You Want the Bounty On]" in the reason block.  I'll take 5% off what you send me (so most people are figuring it out and just adding the extra 5%.  Of course my disclaimer is if you don't fill out the reason box properly its a donation to my titan fund and I keep it so make sure you do it right and make sure you SPELL THE NAME CORRECTLY or I keep the isk.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trolling CareFactor: Because We Can ... 02/26/2014

A little background: So a member of NULL has had an alt camping Care Factor systems in Providence this week . . . because Tib cries a lot and its fun.  (Disclaimer: It's not mine).  Evidently Care Factor can't decide who it is.  We've seen accusations ranging from its Tasha Diabolique, Head of AFK, to Frizzl3 from PDDC of NULL. (Hint: It's not Frizzl3 either).  Anyway the following are chat logs from tonight after linking the previous Art0n Chronicle post in local:

  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  3.   Channel ID:      (('solarsystemid2', 30003772),)
  4.   Channel Name:    Local
  5.   Listener:        Chastot Riraille
  6.   Session started: 2014.03.25 13:52:37
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------
  9. [ 2014.03.26 00:33:07 ] Erytnicmcire > Erytnicmcire x
  10. [ 2014.03.26 02:02:35 ] Chastot Riraille >
  11. [ 2014.03.26 02:02:36 ] Chastot Riraille > lol
  12. [ 2014.03.26 02:04:05 ] gg202 > what is your deal with tib
  13. [ 2014.03.26 02:04:32 ] gg202 > at this time I think he would be fully advised to file a harrasment petition
  14. [ 2014.03.26 02:05:12 ] Chastot Riraille > gl whit that
  15. [ 2014.03.26 02:05:19 ] gg202 > its getting to be shit that we have to deal with you every day
  16. [ 2014.03.26 02:05:35 ] gg202 > ya your name changed cause of that didnt it
  17. [ 2014.03.26 02:05:58 ] gg202 > blockin gu now as well as tib told us to
  18. [ 2014.03.26 02:06:09 ] Chastot Riraille > thats cuz ccp are dumb fucks
  19. [ 2014.03.26 02:06:14 ] Chastot Riraille > they cant help it
  20. [ 2014.03.26 02:11:06 ] Chastot Riraille > so tib why you hidding under ur gg202 alt
  21. [ 2014.03.26 02:11:46 ] Chastot Riraille > so you told ur self to block ur self and did not do it
  22. [ 2014.03.26 02:12:22 ] Soirseta > just more proof that you are frizzle thatns for the clarification
  23. [ 2014.03.26 02:12:40 ] Chastot Riraille > lol im frizzle now
  24. [ 2014.03.26 02:12:44 ] Chastot Riraille > first i was jssix
  25. [ 2014.03.26 02:12:53 ] Soirseta > reblocking you now you fucking pshycotic shit assed dutch cunt
  26. [ 2014.03.26 02:13:10 ] Chastot Riraille > you sound mad
  27. [ 2014.03.26 02:13:16 ] Crystal Chantreuse > i didn't know tina was dutch i thought she was just an ugly german
  28. [ 2014.03.26 02:13:23 ] Chastot Riraille > also im tasha
  29. [ 2014.03.26 02:13:41 ] Chastot Riraille > [02:13:25] TASHA DIABOLIQUE > lol
  30. [ 2014.03.26 02:14:17 ] Chastot Riraille > or am i Rovern Hashu
  31. [ 2014.03.26 02:15:21 ] Crystal Chantreuse > da hax.. all da hax!
  32. [ 2014.03.26 02:18:36 ] Crystal Chantreuse > nawww.. you are.... .. uhm.. you are...  Midget master
  33. [ 2014.03.26 02:19:07 ] Lazarus en Thor > I love EvE if only because you could probably type in any random name nad get a playet.
  34. [ 2014.03.26 02:19:14 ] Chastot Riraille > Chewbaccalee thats me
  35. [ 2014.03.26 02:20:19 ] Crystal Chantreuse > no.. your'e... you're...  Chris Texas
  36. [ 2014.03.26 02:20:52 ] Crystal Chantreuse > or... your'e.. Dickin Mybutt ?

Redeemer ... Only The Best ...03/25/2014

Caracal kill for a Redeemer?  Worth if its a Tib Caracal . . . This is what happens when people jump without being told to.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Brave Sir Robin ... 03/20/2014

Whilest baiting in the Misaba area for us Chunky Lafunga managed to draw the aggression of one Sir Peel.  After engaging back to see what else might show up Obsidianaft and Dyntheos undocked in a Bhaalgorn and Geddon.  Sixie orders us not to shoot Dythenos and to 'Nuke Obsidian.'  As we proceed to 'Nuke Obsidian,' Peel and Dyntheos run away :)  Obsidian down, mission accomplished!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Busy Wednesday ... 03/19/2014

So Wednesday was a busy day...

I started by not wanting to wake up while visiting my parents.  I switched shifts at work recently to mornings and have been waking up at 4:45am every morning for over a week.  Hell on earth if you ask me but I'll adjust.  The plus side is I get off work at 2pm instead of 10 pm meaning I'm able to play EVE at a more active time.  None of this is relevant for Wednesday of course as it's my day off.  Morning started off fine, Black Opsed a Navy Raven in Provi and caught a Prophecy in Kheram.

As I was at my parents house I left eve to play LOL and Diablo 3 with my brother.  Evidently that was a mistake as while I was playing Diablo the Arton Crew managed to bag two Moros and an Archon in Kheram.

Well good job, time to drive back to my house (3 hours latter), pick up my car from the autoshop (no more rental yeah!), and go to Japanese Class.  As a result of my busy night I once again miss cap kills, this time two Care Factor carriers in Sibot.

Total Cap Kills for Wednesday:

Dreads: 2 (Moros)
Carriers: 3 (Chimera, Archon, Nidhoggur)

Payday ... 03/18/2014

Another Kill I missed although I end up buying some loot off it.  His Cyno (who also died) had been pretty obviously setting up for a cyno in misaba so was watched by us.  When he lit the cyno the Rhea bounced and Arton Crew pounced.  While the capital stuff were bpcs, the loot drop was still really good.