Friday, June 6, 2014

A Hashu Life, End of May


A lots happened over the last month or two both in-game and at home.  At home work has been chaotic.  In mid April Supervalu killed our morning part-time shift as they began hiring new full time positions from those working part time.  I moved back to afternoons.  Ironically the timing was amazing as it happened the same weekend as Anime Detour (which i had forgotten about).  I missed the first day but noticed a random Facebook comment and managed to make it Saturday afternoon.  Got to see the panels I wanted and played Mahjong till they kicked us out of the gaming room.  Fast forward to mid-may and once again they are changing the part-time schedules, and guess what, there is a morning shift available again.  I decided to go for it as I just feel that working in the mornings provides me more opportunities with eve and friends in the afternoons.  Just have to readjust to waking up at 4:30 am.  First day of the new shift there is a new notice for hiring full timer again and decide to sign up for it this time.  Three days latter I get a call offering me a full-time spot.  Of course I said yes, a pay raise + health and retirement benefits ftw!  On top of that my first week as full-time I got trained in on using forklifts.  Normally that takes several months/years before your seniority allows that but evidently this summer is expected to be heavy and they are mass hiring/training folks.

Unfortunately during the same time that I've been on full time (last two weeks) I've also been sick.  I developed a sore throat at work and I've had it for over a week and a half now.  Was frustrating as I had to cancel out on a Mahjong session and decided not to go to a Lindsay Stirling concert @ the Myth.  So between that and immediately getting twice as much overtime as I did as a part timer its been busy and exhausting.

Lucy Johnson
Death of  A Friend

Around the same time as the new work schedules my dad called me about our dog Lucy.  For several years she has been steadily going down hill, having bad arthritis and stomach issues.  At this point she couldn't stand on her own and couldn't control her own bowels.  She also had unknown masses on several spots on her back.  Our last dog zeke had died on the operating table attempting to remove masses and we were really fearful of taking her in for surgery as well as the masses had gotten too big.  It was a hard call after thirteen wonderful years but in the end we decided it was unfair to her to force her to keep going and made the decision to put her down.  It still honestly hasn't sunk in that she is gone, mostly because I don't live with my parents anymore so I won't really notice her absence till i go back for a visit.  I'm kind of dreading it as she was such a major part of my middle school and high school years and its going to hurt when it finally sinks in that she is gone.

A Bright Future!

Apart from Lucy's death, future seems bright.  Work is going well (assuming I get over this damn sore throat), new computer is working great (Eve on Solid State Hard Drive ftw!)  Started watching Anime again after a month long (unplanned) break.  Finished the first season of Hidamari Sketch and catching up on Nisekoi.  Can never get enough of SHAFT productions.  Game of Thrones season is almost over already.  Not looking forward to waiting another 9 months for the next one.  Its June, the suns out and Summer is among us.  Spend the morning outside reading and it was wonderful!  There should be an eve post or two coming up as I (finally) got on my first titan kill (don't think there is any fraps).  Otherwise more of the same after G-B was taken, some drama in Provi (as usual) but nothing all that surprising or mind shattering.  There also should be at least one more Burn Factor log release coming up soon as i find the right links to post.  Its a few weeks old but thankfully I was never stabbed in the ass with an iron poker as was threatened . . .

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  1. Great to see some updates Rovern, and sorry to hear about Lucy, I lost a good friend of mine a few weeks back as well, Hooch was a 14 year old boxer with some of the same problems as Lucy.