Monday, May 19, 2014

NULL +2, Young Midmaster and Master Arakas join NULL

Midmaster Mini-man
So I've had several people come up to me in various venues and inquire about joining NULL. Not surprising as we're awesome (and we have PL links and Super kills so probably very tempting to get in). So to head off everyone's question . . . NO. 

We're only letting in personal friends of current members. You also need a deep and solid relationship with JSSix to get okayed. We just have access to too much information and too much hardware to be opening up the doors. Everyone who does meet the above requirements are told multiple times that from the outside it looks like its full of fun and excitement but in reality we really just sit around and wait for things to happen. We're not a working, established, alliance, just a group of people hanging out, trolling the hell out of each other and doing our own thing.

Despite this, we recently had two individuals (and alts) join us this week. Long-time Spoonite and TLOS director Arakas (master Blue Killer) and previous AFK member, Midmaster mini-man. Of course this has made the conspiracy theorists go wild throwing accusations such as the following gem all over:

And to follow up on this, the dude I was referring to has now stopped with the charade, as thin as it was, and shown his true colors by joining up with Nihilist. It was obvious that he's been helping those guys for months, cynoing in our cloaky camper to 8B whenever we managed to kill him, and then scouting for the PL invasion fleet the night they took out our POS. 
There is a lot of history with mid-master miniman and his alt tiffany web that I wasn't around for, but I think there are quite a few people who feel vindicated for pointing out all the circumstantial evidence that built up over time that this guy was helping our enemies. 
Honestly, I don't much care for the spying and the awoxing side of the game. It's nice to finally have this dude out in the open as a red, instead of hiding next door in Silent Infinity behind a blue icon. 
Of course, I wouldn't doubt that this is all part of the plan to show up Tib somehow, maybe by naming the station after him or some dumb shit like that once they take the system. 
But Tib is truly gone from Eve, so he won't even know about it. That's sad, because we lost a good man who was passionate about the game and really, truly cared about people. He put in many, many hours organizing fleets, building up industry, helping people with mining boosts and he was ever ready to hop in an expensive ship and defend Provi from reds. I know that he's said some things in local that maybe he wished he hadn't, but he was a passionate guy who cared. It's a real shame to have lost him because these young twats are overly sensitive and couldn't handle Tib's personality, and thus made a many month's long effort to personally drive him out of the game. 
Tonight, I saw on facebook he was spending his evening playing board games with his daughter, so maybe he won in the end after all? 
(Lynnae Suriyawong)

Sounds to me like Tib won eve if you put it that way. . .

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