Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This Past Week . . .

A lot has happened over the last week, even for the last 24 hours.

On the 7th we spotted a small POS being put up in Galeh, Balder, Kavok and I reinforced it and several other small towers in local, hoping to draw out some fights or capitals or . . . something. (1st Pos)

We bumped a Nomad full of Pos Fuel Out.  And the fishing Crew caught an Anshar in Derelik

Early morning on the 8th a guy bought a rattlesnake from Balder in Arton and came to pick it up . . . He didn't get very far.  Jssix went POS Bashing with the Lords Fleet.  Galeh timers came out and Provi-Bloc showed up to defend, no capitals were caught but we do see a Niding Alt loss because fail Balder or something.

The 9th saw a IRC Revelation caught in Faspera.  The Africans Pocos (might be wrong on this) successfully defended with two carrier kills.

The 10th saw a WH moros that decided to aggro on the station.  I jumped two dreads and an aeon in for this kill and the moros died before any of my carriers could get a lock.  Latter in the day a Charon and Orca got BLOPSED in Asoutar by the Fishing Crew.

Sunday the 11th was rather uneventful with random small killings here and there but nothing spectacular or impressive.  I ran a 6/10 in Arton and got shit all for loot (WHERE ARE YOU MY A-TYPE EANM!!!)  However one event of significant note was the rather spontaneous decision to reinforce the Care Factor Neo moon in G-B.

Monday the 12th . . . The G-B Neo tower came out of reinforced and was promptly destroyed.  We also caught a Borg Chimera that bounced off of a really bad cyno in Arton.

Today, Tuesday the 13th has been rather busy and we're only 11 hours in.  Caught a Revelation in Arton that was bumped off the station.  Oh, and Jssix SBU'ed G-B and we reinforced the Station and Ihub for lols.  This week will be interesting as the Burn Factor Saga continues.  Rumors of Tib leaving Eve has reached us and hopefully some juicy logs will be made public over the next day or two so expect some fun intel.


  1. No juicy logs. Tib's business has been booming, and he doesn't have the time that he used to have to play video games.

    You've made it your goal to see him quit playing Eve. Now you've got your wish.

    Isn't that enough, or does everything have to involve satisfying your inner desires to see other people apparently suffer due to your actions?

  2. I enjoy making people suffer because of their own actions.

  3. That's the funny part... nobody is suffering. Thus the "apparently".

  4. That Nomad was within the POS Shield and you managed to bump him out?

    -Different Anon

    1. More like, Undocked and get bumped...