Friday, July 1, 2016


Null is officially dead

State of NULL
From: JSSix
To: Nihilist Social Club [NULL]
well there isnt any anymore :)
As I cant be ask to play EVE anymore...
and Archeras has moved on,  etc I will keep this brief.
If any of you sees this, well I suggest you move on, idk, join another corp, alliance, somewhere.
if you decide to stay, well I cant force u to leave, im leaving NULL as it as on it current state.
I myself might just afk stay in here or might jut join CVA as well and afk there intead lol.
thats all

This has been some months in the making.  After returning to NULL from PL I was immediately inactive for over six months.  By the time I came back only Archeras and the Dallocort family were truly active.  Last months the Dallocorts left us to return to provibloc, joining TLOS as a group.  I hung around for awhile deploying with Archeras and his associates up north to Metroplis were we worked with Dead Terrorists.  I than left on vacation only to come back and find Archy had picked up stakes and joined Shadow Cartel.

At this point the current plan is to rejoin Imperial Dreams and settle back home.  My two+ year journey has been a hell of a lot of fun overall with its own highs and super lows.  I'll never forget the supercap hunting we did with RekkingCrew or the massive fleets and migration convoys as a member of Pandemic Legion.  That said, Providence is and probably always will be my home, even away I kept tabs on the people and goings on.  Kept contacts with friends, was sent BRs from old corp members, hung out in 'Guards.'  Oh and there was that one incident with Care Factor (Hi Tib!).

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hashu Chronicles 2

As promised yesterday my second video showing a four way fight between Provi Bloc, Spectre Fleet, PL and Friends, and the Imperium (CFC) which took place September 5th in 4B-NQN and 9UY4-H.

This video went much quicker putting together.  I experimented a little incorporating fleet coms into portions which I had not done last time.  I really liked the first song, a remix of Agnes Obel's "Fuel to Fire" by Dexcell.  The second time took a bit of searching and I eventually settled on a BSIDES remix of Dillon Francis' "Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)."  While maybe not the perfect choice (I've been leaning away from dubstepy songs in eve videos) it still works for the most part.  Video claims 44+ Billion in damages and 240+ ships destroyed.  Later kill reports I've seen actually stretched that significantly higher over the 60 Billion Isk mark.  There are actually several other POV videos of this fight including a PL Oneiros and the Spectre Fleet triage that managed to get away.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

1.0 Hashu Chronicles

So I have no idea how I didn't get this posted earlier when I released it.  Anyway first Eve Video I've made in years.  Its a bumpy learning experience as I learn what I can and can't do using Movie Studio Platinum 13.0 that I got off Steam.  1.0 Hashu Chronicles is made up of several fights with Providence and some Drones Region action.  Of course the real reason I'm posting this is because my next video is in encode right now (Hashu Chronicles 2.0).

Thursday, April 16, 2015

NULL gains and Indy Wing

This week Nihilist Social Club would like to welcome a new addition to the family.  "The Pink and Purple House of Dallocort" joins us this week.  Long time friends of the Arton Crew, they decided to join us for the tears and the sweet sweet ore.

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Hel in Hell . . . 04/13/2015

Currently Monthly Tally:

2 Avatars
1 Hel

Jump Freighters:
2 Arks 
1 Nomad
1 Rhea

2 Phoenix
1 Moros
1 Archon 
1 Chimera