NULL Quotes

Random Quotes from the Day to Day Operations of Nihilists Social Club and Friends . . .

[05:36:55] Balder Con > its funny that they think its fake
[05:37:05] Balder Con > all my copy pasts are 100% real

[05:20:57] Ren'va Hashu > Too bad every one who fced and took down a PL fleet (that was serious) either left CVA, is in NULL, or is inactive/doesn't FC anymore)

[23:14:27] TASHA DIABOLIQUE > ive come to the conclusion balder will always win because most of his victims are too slow to identify his shiptype since he always flies new stuff

06/13/2014 - The_Trinity
[19:49:53] Dyntheos > i read roverns explanatory post on his blog
[19:50:03] Dyntheos > and hes correct with quite a few things

Niding: ya
Niding: remember him
Dyntheos: the g-b static 6/10 :P
Niding: we got inside info from PL devs that it will be back in g-b at next patch
Niding: its why we too the sov :p

10/03/2014 - Tasha Diabolique
[02:22:36] Turrann Dallocort > Balder .... date night is important to a happy healthy marraige. You can even take your wife out for a romantic boat ride in your row boat, but it is important you do something
[02:22:54] Balder Con >Turrann Dallocort stil failing
[02:23:21] Turrann Dallocort > Failing, maybe, but I get to go to bed with my hot sexy man tonight ... and you dont
[02:25:39] Rovern Hashu > /emote snorts
[02:25:42] Rovern Hashu > or so we think
[02:26:45] Turrann Dallocort > He better not be thinking about going to bed with my hot sexy man! I would have to go pod him!

03/05/15 - [Censored]
[Censored] "You need more POS balls."

05/05/15 - [Censored]
[22:36:06] Ren'va Hashu > merow
[22:36:14] Ren'va Hashu > something in play again today?
[22:58:43] Sixiepoo > mwah
[22:48:52] Sixiepoo > usual camp on waiting for a super to login
[23:56:35] Ren'va Hashu > How am I suppose to make isk when I have 4 chars hunting supers all day #RekkingCrewProblems
[23:57:04] midmaster mini-man > :p

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