Sunday, May 4, 2014

Forgot to Eat Before Work (MAI) . . . 05/04/2014

So today while at work I realized I hadn't eaten anything before heading in, I also hadn't had time to shower . . . why you ask?

I woke up and got on coms as I usually do in the mornings (say 11:45ish).  Spend some time, chit chatting, and trolling of course.  Start to get up to go say hi to the housemates and find something to eat when Sixie suddenly says, "Rovern log the aeon in."  Quickly come back and log Ryuu in and get in fleet.  Lot of people on the fishing TS3.  Target system is in titan range so get the hictor on our titan and wait.  Our Prober cyno gets the probe hits and warps in to the target (a SOLAR aeon).  Lands and the aeon is cloaked but our prober starts traveling along the line of warp knowing that the aeon has to be cloaked somewhere close by, its not like he can move out of the way quickly.  Sure enough we manage to decloak him, cyno up, and a mass of HICs land and tackle and . . . well you can figure out the rest.  Thus 2 NULL supercarrier pilots retain their #2 and #3 spots on the PL Killboard for points :p.

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