Sunday, May 4, 2014

Death From Being Predictable -2 Nyx . . . 05/04/2014

Last night as things were beginning to wind down and some of us were starting to nudge asleep TS3 suddenly woke up as we were alerted that two Nyx's had been spotted traveling.  People were asked to have a cyno burned to a system they were pretty sure these Nyx's were either traveling to or were going to mid through as we began to poke each other awake.  With the target system in titan range of both of our Domain and Derelik staging areas we had HICs on titans in both sides.  Sure enough cyno goes up, but its only Nulli Secunda . . . PL can't hit them . . . damn . . . Wait a little longer . . . another cyno, warp to . . . NYXes on scan.

Our Cyno Goes Up, Titans Bridge Hics . . . the rest . . . well you can guess.

Fraps from NULL Aeon POV
(Also new KB Banner, U Like?)

One interesting note is as we were killing them both pilots claimed to be joining N3 . . . particuarly Cult of War.  Little Fishy and PL didn't buy it.  You have to be really careful when traveling south New Eden low-sec.  Never trust anyone, even allies of people you are 'joining.'  If your ticker isn't right, people aren't going to care what you 'PLAN' to do.

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