Thursday, April 10, 2014

Arton Crew Roundup ... End of March:Beginning of April

Not much been happening lately . . . we're at a stalemate with provi bloc structures.  Their orders are not to touch our structures so we've not really had an excuse to poke theirs back.  Ironically the reasoning behind Arton Crew (and Blue's group) hitting Proviblock moons in the first place was to provoke fights.  So we've been just hanging, ganking, and playing other stuff.  Only thing of note recently was a few capital ganks.

On Thursday, April 3rd we managed to bump a Rorqual off undock in Arton.  A Thanatos was with the Rorqual, aggressing on the station trying to protect the Rorqual.  Through some mega fail we managed to forget to actually tackle the Rorqual that cynoed out in armor.  We of course than bumped the aggroed Thanatos out of dock range.  Considering how loaded the thanatos was (Seriously loaded) makes us wonder what the Rorqual had.

On Saturday, April 5th we caught a AAA Citizens Nomad out of dock range.  Tried to ransom it, (3 Bil) but pilot claimed he didn't have that but instead he jettisoned his cargo, which sadly only covered half the ransom and so was killed.

=Classified= (Seriously not me) has continued to troll carefactor with alts in their space.  At last check they are now convinced I am the owner for some reason.  Probably getting trolled by =Classified= in local.  So it was funny when they suicide tackled me in low-sec just to kill my Retribution a few days ago (Krelio was a Malediction).  That Retribution is ancient, probably dating back to 07 or 08 when we used them a few times to 'fighterbomb' a pos mod (Note: Involved remote assigning fighters to assault frigates who could 'tank the pos guns" by sig tanking.)  Seeing as that was my first loss since November (on Rovern) it was about time.  I'm glad killing my retribution in low-sec made the CF fleet's day that night.  To bad they didn't stay around as we immediately called the crew out of Diablo 3 to play with them but than couldn't find Care Factor anywhere.

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