Monday, April 28, 2014

Playing with Nulli . . . 4/28/2014

Nulli Secunda recently deployed to Kheram to play with Provi Bloc for awhile.  This also puts them in rather close proximity to us.  We have a fairly tight friendship with Ordo Drakonis corp who are in Nulli and Nulli are Blue to PL (as are we) but we're neutral to each other so apart from Ordo, Nulli are fair game.  Anyway last night Dok was minding his own business running a 5/10 in Sibot when a wild Dairokuten Maoh in a Raven Navy Issue came into his plex.  Of course we mobilized in Gnosis.

First attempt failed as Dairo jammed Jimmy's tackle just as we were landing and our chase to Kheram failed to tackle him. Oh well back to station spinning.  A little bit latter hes back.  Now this feels completely like a bait attempt so I log Ren'va in and move her in a Falcon to Kheram.  Kheram seems quiet except for some internal alliance trolling at KoKo.  After floating around Kheram a bit Dairo comes back and so I give it a few minutes and start to bring Ren home, there is an anomally I want to run.  As I'm jumping to Bittanshal he returns again.  This time Ren runs straight to Kheram and we once again set up to try to catch him in Sibot.  This time he gets away but we warp straight to Kheram gate and Neliel sets up with a long point in Kheram so hes not getting away this time.  We stand off at the gate for a bit before JSSix forces him through and the rest of us jump.  Some how nothings responded yet so we go for it.  He is actively repping but we're pulling him down, as he hits armor for the first time we start to see stuff on scan coming in.  Geddons, ishtars . . . sacrileges . . .  We're aligning out and overloading as Pwn 'N Play start to land.  Jssix and Cradle get pointed as the RNI die, Jssix manages to mwd cycle out of tackle and warps off but sadly we lose Cradle to a point from the Geddon.  Satisfied with the trade we decide to scede the 5/10 as they move everyone they have over to the 5/10 to finish it.  Turns out a Nightmare BPC and a Centum B-type eanm drop . . . welp . . .

And KoKo . . . Good Luck Baiting out NULL Capitals . . .

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