Thursday, March 27, 2014

Advertisement: Hashu Bounty Services!!

So a few weeks ago I posted this on Providence News, as a semi-troll about some Silent Infinity person who got in trouble for putting a bounty on someone in CVA over something (don't remember the specifics and didn't care).  Evidently I discovered a need and have placed over 300 Million Isk in Bounties, ironically on mostly the same people.  Evidently they aren't very popular.

Anyway the service is simple, I act as a middleman and place bounties on provibloc members for OTHER provibloc member and take a 5% commission fee. This is of course not limited to Proviblock members and I am willing to bounty anyone and everyone (including my own alliance if someone for some odd reason wished to place a bounty and stay anonymous).

All you have to do is send me isk with "Bounty: [Name of Person You Want the Bounty On]" in the reason block.  I'll take 5% off what you send me (so most people are figuring it out and just adding the extra 5%.  Of course my disclaimer is if you don't fill out the reason box properly its a donation to my titan fund and I keep it so make sure you do it right and make sure you SPELL THE NAME CORRECTLY or I keep the isk.

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