Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Very Hashu Update ...

It's been a weird couple of months.  At the beginning of March I was offered the chance to switch shifts at work to 1st crew (6am to 2pm) AND got trained in to work in the freezer.  (Note: I work at the Supervalu distribution center in Hopkins, MN where we send food to supermarkets across the upper Midwest).  Its been rough learning the freezer although not because of the cold which I had feared (seriously freezer gear is amazing) but because cases in the freezer SUCK.  Anyway beyond getting use to waking up at 4:30 am its been nice as it allowed for decent timezones to play Eve-Online.  Last week that changed as we were informed our shift (VR 5) was being closed down and we were getting moved to other shifts.  Was a bit frustrating as was beginning to like mornings but back in 2nd Crew (VR 3 ftw) so now working 2pm to 10pm four to five days a week.  Pushes my active times to around 3:30 Eve time and latter.

Outside of work barely made Anime Detour 2014,"The Manga was Better."  Thought it was this coming weekend so ended up working when I technically had time off.  Was able to go Saturday after I noticed a friend (pictured above) talking about it on Facebook.  Arrived Saturday evening, just in time for the SHAFT panel and than about 3 and a half hours of Mahjong.  Will have to wait for next year to play again as it is so far the only place I've been able to find other people who play Riichi Mahjong.  Finished the recent season of Saki and looking at my MAL lists I need to catch up/ finish a bunch of stuff.  But of course new airing season is starting these next two weeks so will probably be pretty distracted a lot as going to Detour puts me back into the "Marathon Anime" mood.  Although I've been watching a lot of other stuff recently including rewatching Battlestar Galactica (mid 4th season) and watching House M.D. (Mid Season 5).

As far as gaming outside of Eve goes, picked up Diablo 3 to play with folks as it was half off in anticipation of the new expansion that came out recently.  Also got really distracted by a new Europa Universalis 4 campaign as Spain.  Right now just around 1700.  Portugal diplomatically inherited France, thankfully been allied and married to Portugal the entire game.  Pulled the Iberian Wedding event so was able to inherit Aragon while being Castille and form Spain.  Must say not really liking the new colonial government mechanics as I got use to running huge empires and it feels like I'm gimped militarily.  Having issues with the Ottomans who are constantly pumping out way more soldiers and even on easy feels like PC is cheating like crazy with combat dice rolls and manpower stuff.  Guess some things never change.

Did taxes the other day and hoping to build a new desktop with my tax returns  . . . both my computers are getting on in age (laptop is 3 yrs and desktop is 5 yrs) and I've already fallen behind in my 4 year PC rotation (Got a nexus 7 instead of a new desktop last year).  Hoping to be able to do my own videos when I get the new PC.  Looking forward to that.

And thats about it for the last month.  Peace Y

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