Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Week Fun . . . 4/23/2013

Well today has been a fun day.  While visiting my parents for 'Easter' during the week (worked Easter so had to go latter in the week) was on comms playing Civilization 3 when a report of a Nomad in Arton came through.  Dropped Civ 3 and logged in, sat around waiting for the Nomad to undock.  Undock it did . . .  Killmail

But the Jewel came about an hour latter . . .

*Classified* reported seeing a CF Orca on his alt undocking from a outpost in Provi.  Well hell yes!  Call was not to bring carriers but supers.  My super isn't logged in as I'm at my parents so . . . balls to the wall REDEEMER!!  We jump in knowing there is small escort but the supers are safe for all intensive purposes, short of someone having a hic or a dictor escorting the orca they're pretty safe . . . Redeemer not so much.  On Jump in I'm the only not supercap on the field as our cyno bomber is basically dead almost immediately.  After a few whoring shots at the Orca I turn towards the support.  At this point if they had been smart they would have all locked me down and primaried me.  As it was, I was never been shot at by more than two small ships at any given time.  While tackled for awhile I never was real concerned as lets face it I'm surrounding by supers who are locking support in six seconds.  In the end most of the support died and I found an opportunity to warp out and cap up before jumping home.

So with supers jumping and an orca being attacked you would think Citadel would be getting pinged and people would be streaming to x-r3 . . .

[22:16:58] Christina Atlantis > supers xr gb gate
[22:17:41] Bernard Koraka > red carrier drop X-R3
[22:18:55] Bernard Koraka > Nyx and aeon drop : carrier hunting
[22:22:37] Calette Zardina > link the carriers plx (names / ships)
[22:22:52] Ursus Polarus > carrier? where?
[22:22:59] Amiga Moja > gone
[22:23:04] specv > i think they are gone now

Yeah . . . there were no carriers in that drop . . .

Sooo . . . where does that leave us?

[22:31:21] Equinox Daedalus > did you really hotdrop an orca
[22:31:36] Equinox Daedalus > tib isn't going to be pleased :P
[22:31:45] Equinox Daedalus > he already thinks rovern is out to get him

Burn Factor . .  Burn . . .

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