Thursday, April 10, 2014

New Killboard Banner

So was in a game of Europa Universalis 4 the other day (Go Spain!) when JSsixie poked me on steam and linked me our new Killboard Banner.  For those who don't know me much I'm a bit of an Otaku . . . (Okay more than a bit . . . See:My MAL LIST and PROFILE)  Anyway was supper exicted that we used Revy from Black Lagoon who happens to be one of my favorite female leads of all times.

"We're already the walking dead.  If there's anything that makes us different from the real dead, there's only one.  Living and dying isn't the real issue.  If you cling to being alive you become frightened and your eyes get clouded.  If you don't have that desire to begin with, you can fight on, right to the end of the world."

Kind of fitting for pod pilots . . .

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