Saturday, February 15, 2014

Welcome to the Arton Chornicles

With my retirement from Imperial Dreams and CVA of 7+ years my work with Providence News has ended.  Despite my infrequent updates I enjoyed doing the little news articles and F5ing viewer stats so with my move to NULL I decided to start a new blog chronicling the day to day activities of the Art0n Crew.

Founded by Hardin (like half of Eve) NULL was originally Exile Consortium's alliance.  Many of its members have been in and out of CVA and Provi Bloc Holder alliances and it has extremely close ties with the Bloc, despite being Not Blue Shoot It.  Because of its close proximity to Providence there is often confrontation in the low-sec areas that it operates in.  NULL is currently KOS.

These Posts are the Chronicles of Art0n Crew.

And remember . . .

[11:41:19] Dyntheos > if you feel the pressing need to shoot apoc LEAVE CVA FIRSTFOR FUCKS SAKE

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