Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mamet ... 02/12/2014 NULL/PL Vs Provi Bloc

The day after I properly had joined DERIV with one of my characters I joined TS3 to find MrBlue and Sixie discussing a timer for a CVA miner POS in Mamet.  As the timer approached Blue began forming some Proteus and Archons while Null formed up into guardians to provide support.  At the time we jumped into Mamet the NULL/PL fleet was at 36 (8 archons) with Provi Bloc outnumbering us almost 2:1 in their Domi/Phoon fleet.

With only a single proteus lost just under ten minutes in the PL/NULL fleet held firm for 30 minutes while slowly wittling away at the Proi-Bloc support.  After 30 minutes and several reinforcement titan bridges for Provi-Bloc the NULL PL fleet started to crack, first with the loss of their firewall Loki and than with three of the guardians.  As the Proteus started to drop PL prepared an escalation eventualling bringing in an additional 30 + archons to stabilize the field.  With the additionally support Provi-Bloc started to lose battleships slowly and eventually made the call to leave the field, allowing PL/NULL to bring several dreads in and kill the POS, replacing it with a NULL tower.

While Kill totals are a bit sketchy as always Eve-Kill shows 102 Kills (10 Bil to 6.9 Bil) while this Dog Report says 74 to 16.  Two videos so far have appeared covering the fight, one from a PL Carrier view and the other from a Provi-Bloc Guardian.  Altogether it was a very fun fight.  Thanks Provi Bloc o/

PL Carrier View:

Provi-Bloc Guardian View:

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