Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gemodi/Unefsih ... 02/27/2014 Blackops Drop? We Think Not!

So this week has been rather slow . . . apart from some fun in supers shooting offline stuff and a quick moon grab here or there not much has happened recently.

Today we had a treat fall into our laps.  Word came down the grapevine that Republicov was baiting with a cyno fitted nightmare.  A quick intel check found a Provi BlackOps fleet on a Widow (In Misaba?).  We also heard that a CVA Arazu was hanging around Yong.  Now we knew it was a drop but jolly gosh sir would it be nice to have a dead Republicov nightmare so we formed up in battleships on the titan (with Archon and chimera triage) but by the time we were ready the nightmare was nowhere to be seen.  However the Arazu was still in the Yong area and active.  So in attempt for a 'fight' with did the most unholy thing we could think of and fleeted up with Axiomatic Dominion who would bait and cyno for us.

As Axiomatic got people in place we were honestly a bit skeptical this would work.  However the Arazu swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.  After playing around and yellowboxing here and there axiomatic headed for the sun as we had to get the drop far enough from a structure or gate so we could activate smartbombs . . . I think you know where this is going.

The Arazu landed at 0 was tackled and tackled back and light his cyno.  As they jumped in we counter jumped in and our two brave smartbombers let loose upon the horde of stealth bombers while the battleships attempted to point anything larger.  Our carriers pulled the axiomatic cyno geddon out of structure as we quickly locked down what recons and tech 3's we could.


13 dead stealth bombers, an Arazu, a pilgrim, and a Proteus and 7 pods.  Quite a few stealth bombers escaped because on cyno in our two smartbombers ended up right next to each other so bombers who had a chance to move off the cyno quick enough were able to escape.

However our journey wasn't over.  On a whim Jssix fitted a cyno onto his Abaddon for the return trip home . . . 'Just in Case."  As the carriers prepped to return home to Arton and our battleships began the journey back our lead person reported a small Kraftwerk fleet near the Kheram, Unefsih gate which included several faction ships.  So we redropped several more people from arton when they fell for our returning Abaddon bait.  Yours truly in the triage dropped as well and triaged to save our cyno Abaddon.

Dead Macharial and Omen Navy Issue . . .

Overall a good day.

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