Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eshwil ... 02/20/2014

Another night, another capital drop,  Fishing Sniggerdly spotted Rezeda Regnum capitals slowly logging into their pos in Eshwil.  NULL formed on a titan in mostly HICs and subcapital support as we waited for their capitals to do something.  Eventually they began attacking another pos in Eshwil with 2 phoenix and several carriers under a cyno inhibitor.  Our cyno was setup so fleet could warp to the inhib.  Their dreads sieged we cynoed in.  Props to their carrier pilots who appeared to be on the ball and were cynoed out almost immediately to an emergency cyno.  Of course sieged dreads are not so lucky and with our Hics they were tackled in siege and destroyed.  Finally drop tally, 2 dead phoenix's and a dead osprey (assume he was multiboxing).

NULL Video

NULL Killboard

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