Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hoshoun ... 02/16/2014 Doing God's Work

So I arrived home from work late Saturday night (early Sunday eve-time) with a Little Ceaser's pizza inhand to find Frizzle on our TS3 talking about alts being shot and receiving KOS (for telling someone he was joining a kos entity?  That's new).  He starts playing station games with his Rorqual as online art0n crew form into absolutions (and harbingers) to hopefully gank some Care Factor conventional's that were messing with him.  After terrible bumping attempts (to the point that the rorqual starting moving on its own out of docking range to get something going) they finally got a good bump on him and engaged.

Just as we are about to light the cyno and jump in the rorqual reports a hostile cyno and two dreads.  We immediately scramble to reship, several people swaping to dreads, sixie pinging PL for any supers in range.  As I log my super in all my clients decide its a good time to crash.  Ahh the frustration!!  Finally get people online and on the titan but alas the extra dread damage had quickly swamped the rorqual bait (hull tanked!) taking him down, but the dreads are still in siege so we rush a falcon cyno in and find two carriers and three dreads still on the field.  Its go time, cyno is lite, titanbridge and supers/dreads go in.  One Niddy manages to warp off but the triple point onyx quickly locks down the non-sieged capitals and a few conventionals and we start to work on the dreads right away.  In the meantime I'm yelling in frustration as my lol Aeon pilot wasn't capped up when he logged out.  Just as he hits 71% our falcon cyno dies.  No Killmails for Ryuu :(

The final tally:
Care Factor Revelation, Moros, Phoenix, Cyno Kestrel
CVA Chimera, Tempest, and Caracal
RIM Crow


NULL Cyno Falcon
PDDC Rorqual

Arton KB Link
Eve-kill KB Link

NULL Video:

Fun Fact, while all this was going on a side fight on the field was also going on, all in good fun as two brothers playfully battled it out, sadly the amarrian sentry guns did not approve . . .

Fun Fact 2: PDDC (Frizzl3's corporation) was reset to not KOS latter that day.

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