Friday, June 6, 2014

Burn Factor #6

I've got some Voice Comm links from when we first SBU'ed G-5 to release.  Its long but there are some really wtf parts.  Be aware at times your also hearing part of our coms with PL/PHEW.


3:42> "That Kavok guy is a real illiterate bastard"
4:20> "Sixiepoo is French" (Dutch/Filipino Actually)
20:15-21:15> Impersation Conversation (Chastot links a Equi quote and conversation ends with "FUCK EQ He's red too" And than accuses him of being too similar to Tasha)
22:10 Chastot accused of trying to get CF to rebel against CVA
30:52 Rovern Conversation (Iron Poker Anal Rape?)
32:20 Bible Quoting and Samuel L Jackson
35:45 Tib Arc (leaving)
38:00 Sailor Moon Outfits
41:35 Deleted Posts (I didn't delete anything)
44:50 Harrasment Petition
48:20 Jssix on TS3
51:40 Aeon is a Flounder that fucked an archon
54:00 Chastot Pictures
55:52 to 1:03 Equi's Logs
1:04:00 Morale Boosting
1:05:00 SBUing G-B
1:08:58 Capitals logged off in G-B (Only the Aeon and Archon)
1:54:45 Daddy Hitme accidently decloaks in pilgrim
2:00:00 NULL/PL Supers save the day


  1. That was almost a month ago past something more current and relevant you tool.

  2. Trevor St McGoodbodyJune 30, 2014 at 8:30 AM

    Man metagaming and being a troll must be getting boring for you to do this.