Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Busy Wednesday ... 03/19/2014

So Wednesday was a busy day...

I started by not wanting to wake up while visiting my parents.  I switched shifts at work recently to mornings and have been waking up at 4:45am every morning for over a week.  Hell on earth if you ask me but I'll adjust.  The plus side is I get off work at 2pm instead of 10 pm meaning I'm able to play EVE at a more active time.  None of this is relevant for Wednesday of course as it's my day off.  Morning started off fine, Black Opsed a Navy Raven in Provi and caught a Prophecy in Kheram.

As I was at my parents house I left eve to play LOL and Diablo 3 with my brother.  Evidently that was a mistake as while I was playing Diablo the Arton Crew managed to bag two Moros and an Archon in Kheram.

Well good job, time to drive back to my house (3 hours latter), pick up my car from the autoshop (no more rental yeah!), and go to Japanese Class.  As a result of my busy night I once again miss cap kills, this time two Care Factor carriers in Sibot.

Total Cap Kills for Wednesday:

Dreads: 2 (Moros)
Carriers: 3 (Chimera, Archon, Nidhoggur)

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