Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Provi War, the last two weeks

I honestly don't even know were to begin.  The last two weeks have been insane as some PL FCs had holidays and went crazy running third party fleets into the Northern Catch conflict between HERO and ProviBloc.  Thankfully JSSix has been frapsing quite a few fights so the easiest way I suppose is to just link videos.

Sadly I don't really have kill stats for you, although its A LOT!!  Hedliner, one of our main FCs has almost 1k kills for the month.  In most fights you will see PL shooting both sides but the preference has definitely been to shoot BRAVE first.  In multiple fights we have had ackward moments as NC. which tends to side with HERO are PL Blues and not shot.  In one fight we repped an IHUB as NC. was shooting it than repped a NC. HIC that was tackled by PROVI Gokus on the IHUB a few minutes latter.  Incidents like this have actually fueled the entertainment levels from a PL perspective and as the Provi War is the only real action in EVE atm, PL will be dropping in for awhile I think.

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