Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hashu Chronicles 2

As promised yesterday my second video showing a four way fight between Provi Bloc, Spectre Fleet, PL and Friends, and the Imperium (CFC) which took place September 5th in 4B-NQN and 9UY4-H.

This video went much quicker putting together.  I experimented a little incorporating fleet coms into portions which I had not done last time.  I really liked the first song, a remix of Agnes Obel's "Fuel to Fire" by Dexcell.  The second time took a bit of searching and I eventually settled on a BSIDES remix of Dillon Francis' "Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin)."  While maybe not the perfect choice (I've been leaning away from dubstepy songs in eve videos) it still works for the most part.  Video claims 44+ Billion in damages and 240+ ships destroyed.  Later kill reports I've seen actually stretched that significantly higher over the 60 Billion Isk mark.  There are actually several other POV videos of this fight including a PL Oneiros and the Spectre Fleet triage that managed to get away.


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